Certified General Contractor

Seltzer Consulting Group offers a full suite of services that are available individually or as part of a complete, turnkey product. We operate under the fast track construction method, a successful approach that relies on active communication between team members and total involvement of company officers. That means you get the full expertise our organization has to offer, and in a timely manner. Our services include preconstruction, construction management, design-build and program management.


At Seltzer Consulting Group, we don’t just handle projects from start to finish — we get involved in the planning process as well, envisioning the best way to approach a project. We partner with clients from conception to completion to provide industry expertise, identify risks and objectives, make strategic assessments and provide project recommendations before the real work begins.

Construction Management

We’re your trusted partner when it comes to quality construction. Our responsive service and commitment to excellence are apparent on the worksite, where we provide constant supervision, enforce important safety standards and provide regular check-ins to show our progress. Count on our talented team of experts to guide your project to completion and bring your vision to life

Design - Build

We consider Design-Build to be a streamlined approach to construction. A team, working together from start to finish in open communication and collaboration to deliver results that would otherwise be unachievable. When owners, architects and builders sit together at the same table, great ideas are born. Creative solutions take hold, resulting in minimized costs, accelerated schedules and overall project efficiency.

Special Projects

Not all construction projects fall into preset parameters or categories. That’s why our Special Projects Group was created – to give your unique project special attention. We provide turnkey solutions on special projects ranging from $100,000 to $1 million in size, focusing on flexibility, efficiency, organization, cost, sensitivity and personalized service

Quality Assurance and Safety